Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Ballineaspaig, Cork, Ireland


The church is neo-classical in style. The plan of the church is that of the Latin Cross, with nave and transepts. The church is 193 feet in length and 98 feet across at its widest point. It has a seating capacity for 1000 people.

The building is dominated by a large dome in the classical style, located over the meeting point of sanctuary, nave and transepts. The height of the dome from floor to apex internally is 110 feet. The brick drum supporting the dome is almost 30 feet in height and has 20 windows which greatly strengthen the natural light in the church. A large bronze lantern stands on top of the dome and is topped by a cross, rising to a height of 24 feet above the dome. The dome and roof are covered in copper sheet.

The main entrance faces Wilton Road where there is an imposing facade with two semi-circular headed doors. Over these, there is a large rose window, flanked on either side by octagonal towers, topped with a cupola, bronze sphere and gilded cross. Between the two front doors externally, there is a beautiful sculpted Madonna and Child by the renowned Cork Sculptor, Séamus Murphy. The general facing material of the church is brick of varied colour, with white limestone covering the main façade.

Memorial to Dean Denis O'Connor

In March 2013, our beloved Dean Denis O'Connor was called to his eternal reward. The Parish Liturgy Group thought we should remember him with a sculpture demonstrating how he lived his priestly vocation. He served his people with love and humility and every Holy Thursday he washed the feet of his parishioners.

Having prayed to the Holy Spirit, we started fund raising. We met with Mike Wilkins of the Cork Sculpture Factory with our ideas of a basin, a towel, the Holy Spirit and a rose, his favourite flower. What Mike Wilkins sculpted was indeed inspired and was a fitting tribute to a beautiful person, who so loved all he served. It was completed and blessed in March 2014 on his first anniversary.

View of Church from Wilton Road entrance

Facade of front of Church

Sculpture of Madonna and Child by Seamus Murphy

Sculpture of Madonna and Child by Seamus Murphy, located between the front doors

Memorial to Dean Denis O'Connor

Memorial to Dean Denis O'Connor

Rose on Dean's Memorial Holy Spirit on Dean's Memorial

Rose and Holy Spirit

Plaque on Dean's Memorial