Mount Mercy College established in 1965, is an all girls Catholic school situated in the Western suburbs of Cork City.

Address: Model Farm Road, Cork
Telephone No: (021) 4542366 /4542685
Fax: (021) 4542709
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Our Mission Statement

In Mount Mercy College, we strive to promote self worth and self confidence in a Christian environment. We aim to enable students to develop their full potential with emphasis on the academic, cultural, social, spiritual, aesthetic and technological areas and to foster a sense of caring and justice.

Our Trustees

Mount Mercy College is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School for girls in the trusteeship of CEIST and functions in accordance with CEIST Charter Values.

CEIST Charter

(Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust)

In March 2008, the Sisters of Mercy joined with other religious congregations to ensure that their founding traditions where protected and maintained in a new structure called CEIST.

At Mount Mercy College we treasure the core values of CEIST which support and nourish the lives of the people who are at the heart of our school community, our students, our staff and our parents. These are the members of our school; their rights must be respected and their responsibilities should be performed in a manner which promotes the spiritual development of each person, achieves quality in teaching and learning, shows respect for every person, creates a sense of community and is founded on compassion and justice. These values can only be lived out if students, staff and parents work together for the common good of all.

Student Involvement in Parish Community

“There is a spectrum of activities in the school that highlight engagement with community and the expression of faith. One example is the making of key moments in the school year through liturgy with events such as beginning of school year mass, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Graduation masses and mass attendance in the parish for liturgical times of Advent, Lent and Easter.”

As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in 2010 and article “Student Involvement in Parish Community” describing the work undertaken in the school “to foster the development of faith but more importantly to encourage students to put that faith into action and share their gifts, talents, time, energy and abilities with the community,” was published in the Golden Jubilee booklet.


To Promote Spiritual and Human Development
We believe that a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ give meaning and purpose to our lives.

To Achieve Quality in Teaching and Learning
We are committed to excellence and to continually improving the quality of teaching and learning.

To Show Respect for Every Person
We respect the unique and intrinsic value of every person.

To Create Community
Our school is a community of Faith, of welcome and hospitality where Gospel values are lived and where there is special care for those most in need.

To Be Just and Responsible
We seek to act justly and responsibly in all our relationships

Mercy Philosophy of Education

Mount Mercy College was originally founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1965 and therefore we are also guided by a Mercy Philosophy of Education.

Inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley. Mercy education is committed to holistic development and to the achievement of the full potential of each student, particularly those who are disadvantaged or marginalised. It is a process informed and influenced by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and is conducted in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy. Mercy education is committed to on-going whole-school development in collaboration and partnership with the Board of Management, Staff, Parents and the wider community.

Our Ethos is inclusive and:

  • Celebrates our Catholic Foundation
  • Welcomes students from other faiths and none.
  • Promotes our Community and Social Awareness
  • Fosters our Pastoral Spirit
  • Strives for Academic Excellence for all
  • Welcomes international students
  • Welcomes special needs students

Mount Mercy provides:

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum
  • A pastoral and caring environment conducive to effective teaching and learning
  • Competent and highly motivated staff
  • First year induction programme
  • Emphasis on ongoing training and development for our staff
  • Excellent facilities and resources
  • Student Leader programme
  • Focus on the individual student