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Eucharist The Host and the Chalice with the sheaf of wheat and bunch of grapes. Because of the bread and wine they produce, the symbols of wheat and grapes are often used to designate the Eucharist. The Chalice is the symol of Holy Communion and the forgiveness of sin won by Christ's blood, shed on the [...]


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Baptism Baptism is represented by water flowing from the Cross. Baptism is the sacrament of spiritual rebirth through which we are made children of God and heirs of Heaven. Water in baptism symbolizes the washing away of sin.


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Matrimony A pair of golden rings intertwined with a priest's stole draped through them. The rings, without beginning or end, are symbolic of eternity. Intertwined, signifies the joining together of two lives to create one. The IHS and stole symbolise that marriage is in the presence of Jesus, God and Saviour.

Holy Orders

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Holy Orders The panel has the host, the priest's stole and three nails. The stole alludes to the rope with which Christ was bound and led to Calvary and is symbolic of good works, vigilance and penitence. The stole also represents the preaching and teaching roles of the priest. The three nails symbolize the Crucifixion. The [...]

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