Turkwel, Kenya – Our sister Parish

Turkwel Parish is in the diocese of Turkana, Kenya. The Parish Priest there is Fr. Oliver Noonan, SMA, a Corkman.

The link was first developed during 2005/2006 by the Faith in Action Group of our parish, and is on-going.

The link

  • gives Ballineaspaig parishioners a way to provide, as a matter of justice, direct practical and moral support to others who are less well off than ourselves;
  • helps us to a deeper understanding of the lives and problems of real people in an underdeveloped country; and
  • enables the people of Turkwel to share the richness of their faith with us by their prayer and example.

The link is a twofold one through:

Prayer link: At our 10 a.m. mass each Wednesday morning we pray for our fellow parishioners in Turkwel, and they pray for us at their morning Masses.

Practical help:

2006 Irrigation Scheme

In 2006, a Special Church Door Collection was taken up for a project proposed by the people of Turkwell Parish. The project,Lets dig deep for Turkwel, was to develop irrigation systems. There was a Heartwarming parish response with over €12,000 collected and handed over to Fr. Martin O’Farrell SMA in June. At Easter in 2007, a short comprehensive report was received from Turkwel. The money was used to buy materials and employ expertise to dig additional wells and also refurbish some existing wells. The report Turkwel Irrigation Scheme Association outlined the benefits of the irrigation and was published in the Bulletin on the 15th of April 2007.


The 2007 Collection of over €9,000 was enhanced by contributions from IMPACT and Bishopstown Lions Club.

2008 – 2009 Health Clinic

Early in 2008 the need for a Health Clinic was identified. An article outling the proposal, Health Clinic and Dispensary at Kalemunyang, was published in The Bulletin in May. In November a promotion, GIVE A UNIQUE PARISH GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS and help build a health clinicin our twin parish in Turkwel, Kenya, was launched. Parishioners purchased gift cards for friends and family in amounts ranging from €5 to €150.

The project was a huge success and €15,919.25 was donated. A Coffee morning raised a further €1,737.40. A wonderful grand total of €17,656.65. In May 2009 building plans, The Clinic you are building in Kenya, were published. By December 2009 the Clinic is up and running.

A comprehensive description of the project THE BUILDING OF KALEMUNYANG DISPENSARY was written by Fr. Oliver in 2009.


The Christmas Appeal for 2010 was launched in November. The objective was to equip the Clinic built in 2009 and support other development projects. A total of €4,500 was collected.


Water is the Liquid Gold of Life. The objective for 2011 was to support the drilling of a deep borehole for the community of Naipa in Turkwel. The Annual Appeal was launched as usual in November.


The 2012 Christmas Appeal for Turkwel, Kenya was launched the beginning of December. The goal was to raise funds for the building and equiping of a kitchen extension for the Clinic built in 2009.


In October, Fr. Oliver Noonan SMA, sent a message to the people of Ballineaspaig A Message from Fr. Oliver in Turkwel for Mission Sunday. In this message Fr. Oliver outlines the present situation in Turkana and thanks the people of Ballineaspaig for giving hope to its people. He wrote “Last year your Christmas Appeal helped build a kitchen at Lorugum Health Centre so that patients, especially children and women, now receive the necessary good meals to bring them to full health.”

The Christmas Appeal for 2013 is a progression on all previous appeals. The the emphasis this year is on providing money to fund food supplies for the kitchen built in 2012. The appeal was launched in the bulletin of the 8th of December Christmas Campaign 2013.

The parish gave a great response to the Christmas appeal for food for children. Sincerest thanks to all. A total of €2,228 was donated.


Sunday the 19th of October was Mission Sunday. It was made most memorable with the installation of a newCarved Wooden Cross from Kenya.

A Prayer Bookmark was also given out with a prayer from Turkwel Parish for Ballineaspaig Parish on one side, with a prayer from Ballineaspaig Parish for Turkwel Parish on the other.

The Christmas Appeal for 2014 is again a progression on all previous appeals. The emphasis this year is threefold: New Batteries to store the energy supplied by the solar panels, food for young mothers and children, and medicines to guarantee good health to all the people in Turkwel parish.The appeal was launched in the bulletin of the 23rd of November Christmas Campaign in Aid of Turkwel Parish, Kenya 2014 .