Ministers of the Eucharist

Ministers of the Eucharist were introduced in the Diocese of Cork and Ross early in the 1980s. The principal aim was that those appointed as Ministers would assist the clergy by distributing Holy Communion at Sunday Masses, and by bringing the Eucharist to the homes of those who, due to illness or old age, were unable to be present at Mass. This was a restoration of the practice within the early Church, when selected members of the faithful were entrusted to bring the Eucharist to the sick and housebound. Ministers of the Eucharist are recommended for appointment to the priests of the parish. Each minister is appointed for a term of one year, renewable for subsequent terms. Ministers serve on a four-week rota at a regular Mass of their choice. Many of them also bring communion to the sick by arrangement with a priest of the Parish. At present there are approximately seventy Eucharistic Ministers active within the Parish.

Coordinator: Sarah Coughlan, who may be contacted through the Parish Office: 021-4344452.