St. Vincent de Paul Society

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St. Vincent de Paul Society The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Christian lay voluntary organisation, working with the poor and disadvantaged. Inspired by our founder, Frederick Ozanam, and our patron, St. Vincent de Paul, we seek to respond to the call every Christian receives to bring the love of Christ to those we [...]

Pastoral Council

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Pastoral Council The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative body consisting of fifteen members of the parish community, twelve of whom represent areas of the parish and three of whom are co-opted. The priests of the parish are also active members. The members act as a consultative and advisory body in the parish. They develop and [...]

Paper Stand Group

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Paper Stand Group The purpose of the group is to promote the sales of Catholic papers and magazines. Therese O'Riordan ensures a new supply of papers on tables at the exits of the church each Thursday/Friday. Contact person: Therese O'Riordan, tel.021-4341395

Music Ministry

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Music Ministry Our Choir The choir sings at the 10.30am Sunday Mass. It also provides music for the various liturgies at Christmas and Easter. If you feel you may have a voice to contribute, do talk to us. All we ask is that you can sing in tune and you are willing to commit yourself to [...]

Ministers of the Word

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Ministers of the Word Ministers of Word read at all Masses in the Parish. On the Sunday rota there are two Ministers for each Mass, and each Minister reads one Sunday in four. On weekdays one Minister reads at each Mass once a week. Special arrangements are made for major feasts such as Easter and Christmas. [...]

Ministers of the Eucharist

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Ministers of the Eucharist Ministers of the Eucharist were introduced in the Diocese of Cork and Ross early in the 1980s. The principal aim was that those appointed as Ministers would assist the clergy by distributing Holy Communion at Sunday Masses, and by bringing the Eucharist to the homes of those who, due to illness or [...]

Christian Meditation Group

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Christian Meditation Group Meditation is an ancient Christian form of prayer which was practised by the early Christian monks, and which was recovered in recent times by, among others, a Benedictine monk called Fr. John Main, who saw that this tradition had relevance in the modern world. There are Christian Meditation Groups throughout the world. By [...]

Liturgy Group

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Liturgy Group The Parish Liturgy Group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Parish Centre. While we have a membership of eleven, we welcome new members. At the start of the year, in September, we seek new Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist and plan rotas for the year [...]

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